Reference Points For Every Race Track

What Are The Reference Points At Every Race Track?

  1. Apexes (The Slowest Points Of A Corner)
  2. Corner Entry Points (When You Begin Turning In)
  3. Corner Exit Points 
  4. Braking Markers (When You First Go To The Brakes)
  5. Exit Marker (Something To Aim For When Exiting A Corner)
  6. Acceleration Points (When You Begin To Apply Gas)
  7. Land Marks 
  8. Cracks or Bumps
  9. Cones
  10. Curbing
  11. Painted Lines
  12. Hills Or Elevation Changes (Can Be Used To Help Slow You Down)

Each race track is different, but the reference points you will use to better your lap times will almost be the same at every track. When you start identifying these reference points and writing them down in your Race Track Guide, you'll begin to really understand the track and get faster.

The more reference points you have written down, the more beneficial it will be for your driving. Having a clear understanding of the ins and outs of any race track is going to make you a more adjustable and relaxed driver. This especially comes into play if you are racing and you are looking for a place to make a pass. 

Many of these reference points will change each time you go to the track. Cracks, cones, paint - these things change or get moved over time. So each time you get to the track, use the first session to refamiliarize yourself and write these new reference points down in your Race Track Guide. 

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